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Welcome to Tsukiji Cooking

Why not come join us? Learn about Washoku (Japanese cuisine) and Japanese home-style cooking and join our experts as they lead you through the Tsukiji fish market. It’s here we source our freshest, finest Japan-only ingredients: Tsukiji. Then join us for our expert-led, highly-enjoyable, hands-on classesFun is guaranteed! 

A quick important update, here: Tsukiji Retail Outer Market is not moving to Toyosu! Only the Inner Market, where the famous tuna auctions are held, will move, in 2018. The thousands of retailers selling everything from green tea to sake, finest fresh fish and shellfish  to luxury Wagyu beef, hand-crafted beautiful knives to exquisite bowls and traditional kitchen utensils – are staying put. So too are the hundreds of restaurantssushi shops and coffee joints that surround the inner market. All these are just footsteps from Tsukiji Cooking. It’s a fascinating, unmissable part of Japan.

Cooking Courses

Upcoming Classes There is a Varaiety of classes,including sushi,Japanese tradisional home-cooked dishes,vegetarian-friendly.
Private Lessons A variety of classes are available, including sushi, Japanese traditional home-cooked dishes, vegetarian-friendly, gluten-free and wagashi (Japanese sweets). Classes for specific menus can be arranged as a private lesson.
Tsukiji Market Tour & Cooking We visit the tsukiji outer market for about one hour and then head back to the studio, where together we cook meals with fresh ingredients purchased at the market.
Group Lessons Tsukiji Cooking actively and warmly Welcomes groups and tours from all over the world.
Team building cooking We offer a number of corporate cooking programs, including workshops, challenges, tours, and dining events that help build teams, develop employee motivation, and improve communication.
Cooking Class with Michelin starred Washoku Chef This is a unique opportunity to meet and learn how to cook face to face with the Michelin starred washoku chef and is only possible when you are in Japan!