Tsukiji Outer Market Tour and Cooking Class

About Tsukiji Outer Market Tour & Cooking Class

We visit the outer market and support shopping about 1 hour and back to the studio. 

– What is Tsukiji Outer  Market?-

The Tsukiji Outer Fish Market developed with the Tsukiji inner Fish Market which remained after the relocation of the inner market to Toyosu and continued to operate for professional chefs and general customers.

Apart from the old Japanese buildings that still exist, there are 460 retail units, eateries, and shops dealing with bonito, kelp, tsukudani and kitchen knives. There are nine omelet specialty stores indispensable as sushi restaurants, and ten stores act as wholesalers of bonito. You can also shop for dishes, bowls, and chopsticks. Each shop has its own personality; each store has its own characteristics, and the purchasers have visited for many years. In the fresh market “Tsukiji Fish market” where more than 60 wholesalers are gathered, fresh fish and fruits and vegetables can be purchased.

▼ 10:00am~11:00am  Tsukiji Outer Market Tour

Purchase fish etc. that will be using during the cooking class when visiting the market.We will assist you with shopping.

▼ 11am~12:20pm Instructor lecture & cooking practice

Since classes are either conducted or interpreted into English, you can enjoy lessons free from worry.

Also, we can accommodate dietary restrictions if notified at the time of booking.

▼ 12:20pm~1pm  Dining

Eat the food you cook yourself