Fish Market tours with Cooking

Tsukiji Fish Market Tour & Cooking Class

The Tsukiji fish market is one of the world’s largest markets. We visit the market for about one hour and then head back to the studio, where together we cook meals with fresh ingredients purchased at the market. Capacity:minimum of 2 people upto 10 people.

Time 10:00am – 13:00pm (3h)
Menu 3foods items
Capacity Tour & cooking class 10people
Cooking class only 20people
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Tsukiji fish market tour and cooking class

31 Mar 2018 - 10:00-13:00

  • Sushi (Nigiri / Temari / Rolls)
  • Teriyaki Fish
  • Miso Soup
  • Catch of the day

¥15000 per person
(Including tax)

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¥8500 per person
(Cooking Only)

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