Sachiko graduated from a major culinary school and started a cooking class at her home.

She is a recognized culinary professional, who expertise in many cuisines and well acquainted with a number of international cuisines, and also often appears on TV, magazine and at events.

Summary of Qualifications:
– Vegetable sommelier
– Certified Tofu Meister
• Excellent training and explanation skills. Expertise in motivating students to experiment with spices and different flavors and bring in innovation and creativity in every dish.
• Well acquainted with the taste requirements of different cuisines pertaining to the use of spices and herbs to get the utmost perfection in any delicacy

<Message from Sachiko>
Let’s learn Japanese home style cooking in a very friendly and enjoyable atmosphere with me! Through the class, you will get familiar with Japanese ingredients, and master basic cooking skills that you bring back home. We will rediscover the real fragrance of fresh ingredients and the preciousness of the time to share and enjoy life together.

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