Naoko has been a culinary instructor for more than 20 years. After working at a prestigious cooking school as an instructor for many years, she started her own cooking class at home. She can give you not only a variety of recipes but also cultural knowledge as well. She had won prizes at various recipe competitions in Japan, and often appears on TV, gourmet magazines and at culinary events.

Summary of Qualifications:
– Nutritionist.
– Licensed food sanitation supervisor.
•In depth knowledge of health and safety guidelines to be followed while cooking.
• Expert in not only Washoku, but also various cuisines including baking. Able to impart Japanese traditional culinary techniques and hospitality skills among students.
•Help students discover their culinary skills by allowing and motivating them to experiment with different ingredients, spices, flavors.

<Message from Naoko>
Japanese home cooked meals are always delicious and filled with warmth. Let’s cook dishes using fresh ingredients that no restaurant could offer! My class is not just about learning recipes; the spirit of sharing a good time is a crucial element. I hope that we will share enjoyable moments together over wonderful Japanese dishes.

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