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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Tsukiji Cooking!

We’ve been offering fun-filled, entertaining cooking classes at our studio kitchen here in Tokyo since 2013

Why not come join us? Learn about Washoku (Japanese cuisine) and Japanese home-style cooking and join our experts as they lead you through the fish market. It’s here we source our freshest, finest Japan-only ingredients: Tsukiji. Then join us for our expert-led, highly-enjoyable, hands-on classes. Fun is guaranteed!
A quick important update, here: Tsukiji Retail Outer Market is not moving to Toyosu! Only the Inner Market, where the famous tuna auctions are held, will move, in 2018. The thousands of retailers selling everything from green tea to sake, finest fresh fish and shellfish to luxury Wagyu beef, hand-crafted beautiful knives to exquisite bowls and traditional kitchen utensils – are staying put. So too are the hundreds of restaurants, sushi shops and coffee joints that surround the inner market. All these are just footsteps from Tsukiji Cooking. It’s a fascinating, unmissable part of Japan.


What we offer:

Tsukiji Outer Market Tours, followed by group cooking classes (Sushi and all kinds of washoku wisdom).
Larger group classes including team-building workshops for businesses both large and small. Yes, a famed US-based digital media corporation and a major Japanese vehicle maker both send execs and staff to shop and cook in Tsukiji with us.
Professional level classes with our Michelin-starred chef (our wonderful Kitchen Samurai, Suzuki-san). He just got back from making sushi in the Amazon!!!
•Professionally recognized certification courses in Sake — the Sake Sommelier qualification, and Tofu — our ‘Tofu Meister‘ courses.
Vegetarian options and special dietary needs such no problem, but please consult us in advance.
Luxury and tailor-made arrangements for Special Guests, Celebrities and VIPs available.
Let’s explore the wide and varied world of washoku and discover its flavors and the things that make your stay in Japan so special together!